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How to download YouTube videos in Mobile?

Modern technology is available to most people today. Having YouTube videos saved on your phones is a great benefit. In this article, we read about How to download YouTube videos in Mobile?

This article will show you how to download YouTube videos on your cellphone with three easy methods.

By downloading YouTube videos on mobile devices, you can achieve four main goals:

  • Watch videos offline without wifi
  • Save your favorite videos on YouTube and play them back whenever you want
  • Have your favorite songs ready and listen to them anytime, anywhere

Now I will show you how to download YouTube videos on mobile devices for offline viewing.

Part 1. How to find the YouTube video that you want to download:

If you’ve used any YouTube video downloaders before, you will know how they work. 

Most of the time, you’ll need to visit YouTube – find a video that you want to download, copy the video URL and paste it into the search bar of a YouTube video download site.

It sounds very complicated.

Here comes the first magical tool that I’m going to show you today –  AmoyShare YouTube Downloader. You can search for any YouTube video with AmoyShare YouTube Downloader. The search results are almost the same as on YouTube.

Part 2. Download YouTube Videos on Mobile Devices:

There are three methods to download YouTube videos to your cell phone for free.

If you don’t want to use an app to download YouTube videos, choose method 1 . You want to download YouTube videos to your Android gallery, Method 2  will be perfect for you. If you prefer a more stable and immersive download experience, you will like the popular YouTube video download app method 3.

You can either jump to the method that interests you or walks through it with me, step by step.

Method 1. How to download YouTube videos in mobile directly without app

I mentioned the AmoyShare YouTube Downloader in Part 1. It is a free online YouTube downloader compatible with all devices to download YouTube videos on mobile devices without an app.

  1. Search for keywords. Open your mobile browser and go to the AmoyShare YouTube Downloader page. In the search area, enter the name of the video you want to download. Wait a few seconds, and your video will appear.
  2. Check the search result. When you see the video that you want to download, a pink button will appear – Download. Press the download button and wait a few moments.
  3. Download the YouTube video. When you click the download button, a new tab will open. There you can press the ellipsis in the lower right corner of the video. Just press download, and the video will be downloaded.

Just wait a few seconds, and your YouTube video will start downloading.

Method 2. Download YouTube videos to mobile gallery

The steps to save YouTube offline videos to the gallery are the same as method 1.

The extra work that you have to do is find the downloaded video in the gallery.

Just open the gallery, and the downloaded video is just there.

AmoyShare YouTube Downloader can download YouTube videos straight to your gallery with no further effort.

Method 3. Download YouTube videos on mobile devices with the app

  1. AnyUTube allows you to download YouTube to MP3 / MP4 and YouTube playlists and channels in high quality. It works on Windows, Mac, and Android.
  2. Download the AnyUTube app on your Android phone by clicking the download button above.
  3. Look for a video on AnyUTube. Open the AnyUTube app, and you will see the search box at the top. There you can enter: paste the name of the video or song, the artist, or the URL from the YouTube video.
  4. Select a video format to download. If you click the search icon, you can download the video as either MP3 or MP4. You can choose More for more quality options. Just press the download button, and the download will start immediately. Wait a few seconds, and the video will download.
  5. Enjoy YouTube videos offline. When the download is complete, you can find it under Library> Video. Just press it, and it will show you all the videos that you have downloaded. Hit the play button, and you can enjoy all the videos you want without wifi or connection, no matter where you are.

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