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How to make bow with ribbon?

Most people associate bows with ribbons. It is possible to make them using a ribbon in a thousand ways, depending on the use for which they are intended. They can be used for styling hair, gift wrapping, embellishing clothes, crafting crafts, and much more. In this article, we read about How to make bow with ribbon?

Making a Simple Bow:

  1. Cut a piece of tape. Make sure it’s long enough to tie the bow. Always cut them a little more to facilitate the operation and get quite long nocks. 
  • Spread the tape out on a flat surface.
    1. Bring the two ends to the center. Overlap them, and you will have two rings and two tails. Shape the rings if they are too tight.
    2. Adjust the various parts of the bow, so they are even. Check the symmetry of the rings and tails, making sure they are the size and length you want.
    3. Fold the left ring over the right call. Bring it around the back and pass it through the center hole. Tighten the knot in the center.
  • All done.

Making a Bow in Gros Grain:

  • Take your measurements and wrap the tape. Cut 2 meters of grosgrain ribbon. Wrap it around the box lengthwise. Use glue or duct tape to secure it, but don’t cut it yet. To get the bow, you will need to continue knitting the ends.
  • This bow is ideal for embellishing a gift box.
  • Make a loop with the ribbon. Bring the ring towards the center and hold it in place with your finger. Fold the ribbon towards the base of the ring. Fold it back until you get another loop. If you want, glue it to secure it. Make another ring in the same way.
  • Make more rings. Keep working on the other side. Make three more loops, in the same way, folding the ribbon backward, then towards the center and securing it with glue.

  • All done.

Making a Bow with a Ribbon and Wire:

  • Cut a piece of tape. You can use this bow for gift wrapping and flower arrangements, hair accessories, and party decorations. Place the video on a flat surface.
  • Make two rings. Bring the two halves of the ribbon towards the center and overlap them. In the end, you should see the nocks. 
  • Tighten the center of the ribbon to secure the bow.
  • Wrap and hide the wire. Wrap a piece of thin wire tightly in the center of the bow. Cover it with tape or tape to hide it. Use the same color as the bow or a complementary shade. Glue or sew this strip to attach it to the bow.
  • Adjust the rings and nocks. Adjust the shape of the rings and nocks as needed to ensure symmetry. Trim the tails to keep them from fraying. Add the bow made from the wire to your next gift or garland.
  • All done.

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