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How to remove hair dye from skin?

You have just been to the hairdressers and are totally in love with your new hair color. You go home and stand in front of the mirror to admire your fresh look again. But if you look a little closer at your face, you can see them – the ugly spots that have remained on the forehead, on the nape of the neck, and along the hairline. Don’t panic because we’ve collected some tried and true home remedies and tips on how to remove hair color from your skin. In this article, we read about How to remove hair dye from skin?

How do you get hair color off your skin?

Nowadays, the majority of ladies get their hair colored sooner or later in life. This not only covers gray hair but also creates an entirely new look. Immediately after dying, however, the look isn’t that great. Often stubborn spots remain on the face, neck, and neck that ruin the entire effect of the new hairstyle. And even if these stains go away after a few showers, they can be very annoying for the first few days after you dye. Thus, most women who dye their hair have at least once asked themselves what can be used to remove hair dye from their skin.

Fortunately, some methods and home remedies can help you get hair color off your skin faster. We summarize the best of them below.

Removing hair color from the skin – methods and home remedies

First of all, the location of the stains plays an important role. For example, if you work as a hairdresser yourself or want to help a friend with hair coloring, your fingers or arms may be colored in the same way. In this case, you can also use a little more aggressive methods of removing the hair color, which is rather unsuitable for the delicate skin on the face, for example.

Tip: Remove the hair color from the skin as soon as possible, as the stains will become more stubborn over time.

Remove hair dye from the face

Toothpaste to remove hair dye from skin

For hair color on the face and the hands, toothpaste offers a practical means of removing the stains. The toothpaste acts like a gentle abrasive, which you can use to scrape off the staining residue. Apply a thin layer to the color and massage for about 1 minute. Then rinse with warm water. However, this method does not work with toothpaste in the form of a gel.

Baby oil to remove hair dye from skin

Smear the discolored area of ​​the skin with some baby oil and leave it on for a few minutes or overnight for stubborn stains. Then rub your fingers gently to remove any remnants of hair color. Alternatively, you can also use cooking oil or cleaning cloths containing oil.

Vaseline to remove hair dye from skin

Since the skin of the face is sensitive, it should not be rubbed heavily. Otherwise, reddening can occur. With oily creams and especially vaseline, the hair color can be removed from the skin without irritating it. Put some vaseline on a cotton pad and use it to massage the discolored area. When the cotton pad is colored and the hair color is completely removed from the skin, wipe the face with a damp cloth, and you’re done.

Cigarette ash to remove hair dye from skin

Even if it sounds a bit strange at first, cigarette ash is an effective remedy for staining residues on skin and hands. The ash works as peeling and removes the hair color stains. To do this, put some ash on a damp cloth and carefully run over the discolored area. The unpleasant smell disappears immediately after the shower.

Facial toner to remove hair dye from skin

A toner that removes waterproof makeup should also be able to remove hair color from the skin. Put some of this on a cotton ball and rub the stain gently. If the cotton pad changes color, then it works. Rinsing is not necessary in this case.

Remove hair color from hands:

Baking powder

Baking soda is an all-rounder in the household that can also help with discolored skin. It removes the dead skin cells affected by the hair color. Because this home remedy is harsh, it is not suitable for areas where the skin is sensitive, such as the face. Hair color from your fingers, on the other hand, can be removed wonderfully with a paste made from baking soda and mild detergent. Finally, wash your hands with a damp cloth and repeat after a few hours if necessary. To prevent the skin from drying out, apply some moisturizing cream after the treatment.

Washing-up liquid

Even a tiny amount of detergent can significantly reduce or remove the discoloration of the skin. It is best to use a detergent that does not contain any dyes or perfume to avoid skin irritation. Wash your hands or arms thoroughly with it and rinse with warm water.

Nail polish remover

Many have probably already heard that you can remove hair color from your skin with nail polish remover. However, this product contains aggressive ingredients and is entirely unsuitable for use on the skin of the face. On other skin areas where the skin is less sensitive, you can use the nail polish remover in an emergency, but please dilute with a bit of water beforehand. The nail polish remover is suitable for use only on the fingers. The aftershave works in a similar way and can be used as well.

Lemon and salt

If you have stubborn stains of hair color on your hands and arms, you can remove them with a lemon. Simply cut the citrus fruit in half and sprinkle some salt on one half. Rub the discolored area with the home remedy, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off with water.

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